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Build your personalized cutting board handcrafted with quality hardwoods from South Bend Woodworks

People Love Our Wooden Name Puzzles

People love our Wooden Name Puzzles because each puzzle is made custom, just for that special child in mind.

Our craftsmen take pride in every order that comes in, and we know for that child, the puzzle will be a gift that grows with them. From shapes and colors to letters and their name, our Wooden Name Puzzles are the perfect gift for the newest addition to your family.

We believe you can feel our experience, passion and values in every product you touch. Read about our story here.

We Are Made in America

 Our plant is in South Bend, Indiana, in the heartland of our nation. But more than that, it’s a community with a rich manufacturing heritage, and a workforce of committed folks looking for an opportunity to apply their talent. We couldn’t be more proud of our team of hard-working woodworkers who infuse pride and craft in every piece they touch.

But South Bend Woodworks is about more than just our woodworking. It’s why we partner with Goodwill to give folks a second chance at a job and a fresh opportunity to change their lives.

You can feel this commitment when you hold our products. The weight of quality wood. The precision in our sanding and line work. The smooth and vibrant paint. It all comes together to create products that will not only last generations, but that you’ll want to pass down for generations.

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Cindy S.
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I ordered this beautiful Notre Dame toy box for my grandson. I want to thank Mike and all the people who worked on it. The craftsmanship is amazing.
Allie E.
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I have ordered multiple name puzzles from this company! This time around, I dropped the ball and forgot to order in time! I emailed the company and they shipped it out the same day!!! I received in time and couldn’t be happier with their service! Thank you!
Julie S.
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I bought the SUPER CUTE, customized name puzzle for my niece and their dog ATE IT just a few weeks before she was born. I urgently wrote in for a replacement and received a reply RIGHT AWAY, on the 4th of July holiday!! “Outstanding American-Made Company!!”
McKenzie M.
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I rate South Bend Woodworks a 5 out of 5! I am absolutely in love with our name puzzle! What a beautiful, high quality product!