South Bend Woodworks

Answers to our most frequently asked questions

We use this term because our products are well made, durable and of high quality, worth keeping for a long time. We use high quality materials and finishes, and each item is carefully assembled by hand to withstand the toughest of kids. Here is an example. It begins with selection of material measured for both dimension and thickness, which is then cut and sanded. Pockets are routed where two pieces are joined and holes bored for cross dowels and screws. Before assembly each piece is prep sanded, finished and sanded up to 4 times. Often, as in the case of the Duck Stool or train wheels, the part is masked to allow two color finishing. Mae Lou’s Duck Stool contains 42 pieces, all joined using both glue and 28 mechanical fasteners. The cut, finish and assembly represents the work of 5 separate craftsmen, all to insure that we meet the “heirloom” standard. We take “For this Generation and the Next,” seriously.

The Consumer Products Safety Act requires that all of our children’s products undergo third party testing.  Initial testing takes place here in our shop during the design and prototyping of a product.  Once we are satisfied, we send all of our children’s products to Underwriter’s Labs’ Verifications Services division for final testing.


Shipping times differ from region to region. For New York and Boston, it could take up to 5 days. Chicago is closer to 2 days. Miami and the West Coast can be up to a week. The actual time could be longer based on many variables that are out of our control. Please allow extra time for the item(s) to reach their destination when placing your order.

Yes we will. Send us a message when you place your order and tell us what you want. We will let you know the costs.
Personalization may extend production time for your order.

Rarely, but please do ask!
We consider custom work if we believe it has a broader application down the line.
For example, our Interlocking ND Wall Hanging comes from a custom piece we made for Randy and Lisa. While its not part of our regular service, let us know what you need. It never hurts to ask.

No. You can always check out as a guest.

Sure! We don’t have a store, but just let us know you want to do so and we can get your item ready and let you know when it’s available for pickup.

Yes, we do! Simply select the “Check/Money Order/Downtown Dollars” payment method and then mail the gift certificate to us. Once we receive the certificate, we will process your order. If your certificates do not cover the entire balance due, you may enclose a check for the balance or contact us for other payment options.

DTSB Downtown Dollars is a gift certificate program that can be used at participating downtown South Bend (Ind.) restaurants, attractions and shops. DTSB Downtown Dollars are different than other gift cards because of their mission to support local shopping, dining and services in the downtown South Bend area. Local business generates 70% more local economic activity per sq. ft. than big box retail. To purchase Downtown Dollars and find out more about how you can support downtown South Bend merchants, please visit DTSB’s website