South Bend Woodworks

We are a shop of passionate craftsmen who refuse to be satisfied with anything less than the very best…making heirloom-quality, wooden goods that carry special meaning to those who own them. We believe you can feel our experience, passion and values in every product you touch. Read about our story below.

Our founder, Michael Lindburg, loves his grandchildren. The very first product he ever made was for his granddaughter Mae—the Duck Step Stool. He thought it’d be a great way for her to reach the kitchen and bathroom sink, but was delighted when she used it for activities driven by her imagination—a veggie stand for her store or a bench for her stuffed animals at tea-time. The magic found here inspired him to build out the South Bend Woodworks toy line and create classic American products that are made to last generations.

South Bend Woodworks Duck
South Bend Woodworks Team

We are committed to “Made in America.” Our plant is in South Bend, Indiana, within heartland of our nation. But more than that, it’s a community with a rich manufacturing heritage, and a workforce of committed folks looking for an opportunity to apply their talent. 

We couldn’t be more proud of our team of hard-working, authentic woodworkers who infuse pride and craft in every piece they touch.


Our toys provided a great way for families to display the love they have for their children or grandchildren.

But it didn’t take long to see that we could also help people showcase another love, the love they have for their alma mater. Working in the shadow of the Golden Dome of Notre Dame will do that. Soon, we were getting requests for a variety of product designs to help Irish fans uniquely display their passion. Since then we’ve been fortunate to add additional top-tier schools to our product offering. But we won’t rest until we can help every passionate college fan display their love uniquely and with style.

While there are many ways to display your school allegiance, South Bend Woodworks products appeal to college sports’ greatest enthusiasts: the avid fans. From the distinctive designs to the selection of hard woods, the color options and the opportunities for personalization, our products will display your love for your school or family like nothing else can.