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Have you ever noticed that children see things in a unique way—their own way? When I first built a step stool for my granddaughter I thought it was a great thing to help her climb up to the sink to brush her teeth. But to Mae, it was not a step stool at all. It started out as a chair, then it was a table for her store where she sold things (naturally taken from the cupboard) to her mother. Only then did it become a step stool. It now serves as a step stool and a blocker so that I can’t see her cards when we play go fish.


The nice thing about furniture made for child is that it is theirs. It’s not shared with an adult because it just fits them. We all want to feel that something is uniquely ours and one of our chairs, benches or step stools does just that. Each piece of furniture can be personalized with a child’s name to make it even more uniquely theirs.


You can count on the craftsmen of South Bend Woodworks to craft sturdy long lasting chairs, benches, and step stools for your little one. Fully tested, from finishes to the joinery, our step stools meet all child safety standards. Made with pride and a commitment to quality, right here in South Bend, Indiana.