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Wonderment, exploration, discovery lead a child to unadulterated joy!  A custom made handcrafted wooden puzzle from South Bend Woodworks embodies the wonderment of toys, encourages exploration and leads to discovery! In the beginning a puzzle is not really a puzzle and a letter is not really a letter or color. No, it all starts out as an object that over time becomes a size, a shape, things to put in one’s mouth and slowly becomes a color and a letter. Eventually the letter has a sound and when combined with the other letters creates a word, usually a name. All of this is discovered while sitting on mom or dad’s lap or with gramma or grandpa exploring a red A or a pastel yellow O. These are moments of warm discovery to be nurtured, fostered and cherished. And it’s all possible with one of our puzzles. A custom puzzle from South Bend Wood Works is, hands down, the best lap toy never.


Our puzzles, in bright primary and pastel colors, fire the imagination. Whimsical and sports icons are available to add to the wonderment that the child experiences. Personalized engraving provides a lifelong memory of the bond between giver and recipient. We also offer pegged letters for little fingers. When Molly or Sam have outgrown the puzzle, just glue the letters into the base and hang on the wall. Everybody likes to see their name on the door.


Everything that comes out of our shop, from the materials to the finishes, has been fully tested by a division of Underwriters Labs to ensure that our puzzles meet all child safety standards. Every product is made with pride and a commitment to quality, right here in South Bend, Indiana.